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Excellence at BEWE SLEDS: Development, know-how, construction and professional sport experience from a single source.

With solid craftsmanship, engineered development as well as the newest materials and procession methods Emil Inauen construct, with attention to detail, highly technical dogsleds and accessories.

BEWE sleds surprise with top class craftsmanship, low weight and a very personal look: No frills - just focused on speed, stability, precise steering and durability.

Continued success of numerous world-class mushers at the most important races around the world confirm our work and encourage us to continue producing the best possible equipment for the mushing sport.


Roar Kvilvang with the new BEWE Alpi 2

Roar Kvilvang with the BEWE Alpi 2,

Last years winner of the Femund 400 Roar Kvilvang got his custom made BEWE Sled. Perfect for the Femund 2015 Roar is ready to race with his strong team in front of a top racing machine, a brand new BEWE Alpi 2 special edition. Good luck!

foto: BEWE Sleds

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